Welcome to the Tarifverbund Schwyz transport association

Public transport has never been easier! The same simple fare system is used throughout the Tarifverbund Schwyz transport network. That means you only need one ticket to travel in both cities and rural regions, which can be a single ticket, a multiple trip ticket, a day pass or a monthly or annual season ticket. Whether you use public transport to go to work or to school, for shopping or just for enjoyment – Tarifverbund Schwyz has the right ticket for you!


Zone map

Tarifverbund Schwyz tickets allow you to travel within or through a certain number of zones – i.e. you purchase a ticket for zones, not for specific routes. Ticket prices are based on the number of zones the ticket covers. Within the zone(s) covered by your ticket, you may use the services of any transport company that is part of the Tarifverbund Schwyz association. Tickets purchased for five or six zones are valid throughout the entire Tarifverbund Schwyz transport network. Tarifverbund Schwyz keeps you moving!


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We offer single tickets, day passes, multiple trip tickets, season tickets and much more…


New developments and practical tips

You’ll find important new developments and practical tips in the 2020/21 brochure.


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